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Logo & Branding

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The first and most important part of any business based identity is your look. It is how people see you in the corporate marketplace. Whether a specific colour or combination of colours to use as a constant representation, or a particular shaped object, a quick visual identifier is the cornerstone to success.

This visual identification will be used on everything from marketing and promotion all the way through to email footers scattered across someone's desk. Wherever this branding lands it has the potential to reel in another client, so sharp, crisp, clean, and most of all relevant, branding is essential.

With experience also comes balance. A fresh faced Designer straight from University can make most things look nice, but they have no concept of usability. The difference that SignBoys has is:

  • The designers have made signs

  • Have applied the graphics to the sides of that vehicle

  • Have installed the fascia and window graphics to that shopfront

  • Have produced the film work and printed the business cards.

This kind of experience cannot be taught through a textbook or online seminar.

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